Hosted Virtual Servers

Hosted Servers

All the benefits and features of a new server at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Server Hosting is a highly cost effective way of providing any role you would have otherwise needed a dedicated new physical server. 

Some times known as Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), Virtual Server Hosting refers to providing access to a virtual server machine that ineffect has the appearance and capabilities of a dedicated server machine running its own operating system and business applications.

For example, Virtual Server Hosting can be used to provide test environments, disaster recovery for production servers or even to replace production servers when upgrades and rollover of legacy servers fall due.


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The benefits of Dancrai Virutal Server Hosting include:

  • No need to purchase, maintain, update, secure, power or cool expensive hardware
  • No need for internal IT skills to manage the server, unless you want to
  • Disaster Recovery opportunities including live migration of virtual machines to improve recovery time down to minutes
  • The monthly service fee can be extended to include any microsoft software under our Software As A Service program
  • Flexibility to add or reduce processor, memory and disk capacity to reflect your businesses fluctuating needs
  • Rapid provisioning time, you can be up and running with a new virtual server within hours
  • Full unrestricted root access / administrator privileges if desired


Whats included

Virtual servers are configured with the specified processor, memory and disk storage. These can be adjusted to reflect your varying business needs by contacting the Dancrai Helpdesk. 

The Virtual Server is available to use and install any legal software you desire.  Or we can install and maintain any microsoft software under our Software As A Service program.

The Virtual Server Hosting service is simple and easy to establish, for more information please contact us.

More Information

For more information about our Virtual Server Hosting Service or to discuss how virtualisation technology could be implemented in your own network please contact us:

1300 30 82 30

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