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Dancrai has significant capabilities to help organisations achieve financial and technology scalability improvements using virtualisation. 

Our engineers are VMWare, Microsoft and Citrix certified with years of virtualisation experience.  Dancrai is both a VMWare Certified Partner and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. 

Review some of our recent virtualisation experiences here >> Virtualisation Client Successes.


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What is Server Virtualisation

Server virtualisation is a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple 'virtual' servers. 

Each virtual server has the appearance and capabilities of a server running on its own dedicated machine and can run its own operating system and business applications. 

Traditionally a single physical server could run only a single operating system. Consequently, for an organisation to run it's many business applications many physical servers were required. 

Server virtualisation results in several significant benefits including:

  • Reduced hardware costs as less physical servers are required
  • Reduced and simpler ongoing maintenance
  • Increased hardware flexibility and responsiveness
  • Increased application availability, business continuity and disaster recovery opportunities.


What is Desktop Virtualisation

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Desktop virtualisation (or virtual desktop infrastructure, VDI) involves hosting a centrally managed 'virtual' desktop for each user connected to the network. 

The user experience is intended to be identical to that of a standard PC, but from a more basic client device.  The user can be located in the same offce or remotely. 

Many significant benefits result, including:

  • Accelerated delivery of desktops to office workers anywhere
  • Greatly reduced downtime in the event of hardware failtures
  • Significant reduction in the cost of new application deployment
  • Stronger data protection control
  • Reduced cost of desktop ownership
  • Potential to exente the PC refresh cycle
  • Ability to access the users's desktop environment from any PC (including the employee's home PC)
  • Existing desktop-like performance.

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