Remote Monitoring & Support


Remote Monitoring

Dancrai Remote Monitoring is a proactive, network monitoring service designed to identify any system errors prior to them interrupting a clients business operations.

Remote Monitoring checks for network and server faults, failures, and activity that exceeds established thresholds. As an example:

  • CPU utilisation on key servers
  • Memory utlisation on key servers
  • Hard disk capacity on key servers
  • Average number of user connections
  • Server error messages
  • Running processes and Services
  • Trends across key items such as CPU, RAM and Disk usage


If a significant network event occurs, Dancrai customer service are notified via the Dancrai Network Monitoring dashboard. The client is then contacted and an appropriate action taken.

Backup Monitoring

Dancrai Backup Monitoring systems allows our customer service team to confirm a clients daily backups have run successfully.  When a backup fails or only partly succeeds the customer service team investigates the problem and contacts the client to discuss an appropriate action to be taken.

Remote Support

Dancrai Remote Support allows our service engineers and helpdesk staff to perform network administration tasks and one-to-one helpdesk support remotely from the Dancrai Customer Service centre. The result:

  • Reduced cost of providing support services
  • Improved responsiveness when an issue needs immediate action
  • Improved helpdesk effectiveness as Dancrai Customer Service can remotely see the users desktop screen and demonstrate answers to questions on-line.

More Information

For more information about our Remote Service Team or to discuss how we might be able to customise our services to suit your organisation please contact us:

1300 30 82 30

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