IT Projects, Consulting & Design


Dancrai offers an extensive range of project, design and consulting services to assist our clients in achieving the best result from their Information and Communications Technology investment.

As a vendor independent service provider, Dancrai clients can expect unbiased advice from a team of experienced IT professionals. An indication of the IT Consulting & Design services Dancrai offers includes:


Infrastructure Design
Network infrastructure design, installation and post-installation support across all IT&T areas.


IT Strategic Planning
IT strategy development to enable an organisations buisiness plans, and properly cater for future changes.


Network Reviews & Audits
To ensure the best results are being achieved from current ITC infrastructure and to identify new technologies and approaches that might be of business advantage.


IT Security Reviews & Audits
Prevent attacks where possible; detect attacks when attempted; recover from attacks that succeed.

disaster recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
To ensure an organisations ability to resume all necessary business functions within reasonable timeframes and with minimal economic loss, strategic impact or damage to reputation and operational activities.


Software Compliance
Inventory installed software, confirm current licence levels with relevant vendors and develop a Compliance Plan to achieve and maintain compliance.


IT Relocations
Reduce teh effort and distraction required to both plan and execute a move by using experienced relocation project managers with template plans and checklists.


SOE Development
Standard Operating Environment design and rollout for workstations, servers and IT devices.