Managed Services

servicesA Dancrai Managed Services agreement offers a mid-point between having an internal capability or IT Support Plan and fully outsourcing IT.

A Managed Services arrangement provides resources to achieve a specific outcome/s. For example, to resource an IT helpdesk or provide full-time on-site support. A Managed Services arrangement may be used to complement an interntal capability / Support Plan or to completely replace it.

The cost savings of IT Outsourcing ...
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A Managed Services arrangement can also be used to provide very cost effective IT resources where the client manages day-to-day work activity and Dancrai looks after the recruiting, technical training, professional development and overall human resource management.

Clients often chose a Managed Services arrangement:

  • To cost effectively boost an internal IT team
  • To reduce the average cost of external support
  • As a step to building an internal capability
  • As a first step in testing the waters of a full IT Outsource.


The key features of a Managed Services arrangement include:

  • Based on an informal commitment by both parties to partner for the long term but confirmed only on a rolling short-term contract (3-12 months with notice periods)
  • Costs are based on an assessment of the volume of services required i.e. SLA 's such as the number and type of resources required, expected response times and availability times
  • Provides the client with flexibility in how resources are used, projects are delivered and specialist skill sets are made available
  • Can be used to supplement an internal team or completely replace the internal team
  • Resources can be redeployed at the clients discretion in order to manage costs and deliver on specific project work
  • IT procurement can be bundled into the same service contract to gain further volume and cost benefits. This also provides significant efficiencies by having the one group responsible for the entire IT environment, i.e. services and assets
  • Access to strategic IT advice and recommendations targeted to the clients business environmet.

More Information

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