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WorldDancrai IT Outsourcing is a strategic solution that allows an organisation to focus on core business while relying on Dancrai to manage and support it's IT infrastructure from end-to-end.

          Highly managed ...
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IT Outsourcing is a highly managed solution providing a rigid structure for delivering a defined set of objectives and service outcomes.


The key features of Dancrai IT Outsourcing include:

  • Formal contract with services defined by required service outcomes
  • Long term contract, usually 3-5 years (negotiable)
  • May involve contracting out of all IT service functions and resources. Including helpdesk, network support, maintenance, and IT project work
  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreements, SLAs, define the scope of maintenance services supplied. SLAs cover such things as the number of desktop PCs, laptops and servers that should be operating. How many help desk queries are to be managed, expected response times and action times
  • SLA 's are then measured on a regular basis to provide accountability to the client and may affect the final price of the service
  • Project work is usually outside the SLA scope and charged separately
  • IT procurement may be bundled into the service to gain further volume / cost benefits. This also provides significant efficiencies by having the one provider understand and be responsible for the entire IT environment, i.e. services and assets.


Due to the contractual and long term nature of an outsource agreement it is inherently more risky than other network support options. For more information about the key challenges associated with IT Outsourcing and how Dancrai addresses each of these please contact us.

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