Hardware & Software Sales

laptopDancrai has established configuration, sales and support partnerships with leading hardware and software vendors.

Leveraging these relationships and partnering with Australia 's largest IT distributors, Dancrai are able to provide the optimal hardware solutions for our clients' corporate requirements.

These relationships also ensure efficient support and warranty response for our clients across all leading brands. 

Dancrai specialise in providing:

  • Hardware selection consultancy to ensure clients are aware of the most suitable products and configurations for their needs
  • System configuration services including, imaging, staging and implementation
  • Software selection services to assist clients identify, compare and procure software solutions from simple point solutions to complete enterprise solutions
  • Software licensing advice including volume licensing agreements and software subscription services
  • Warranty and technical support service and advice


IT Procurement Servicescharts

IT Procurement Services involve a procurement partner assuming responsibility for the day-to-day management of some or all of an organisations IT procurement sub-processes.

This may involve anything from understanding IT expenditures and developing strategies to reduce total cost of ownership, through to managing ongoing compliance, cost and supplier performance.

The outsourcing of IT procurement services can be a very cost effective way to drive results in areas that often go under managed in an organisation.

Dancrai's approach for delivering IT Procurement Services is one of partnership:

  • Partnership with our clients to ensure we understand their business, management processes, and specific IT requirements
  • Partnership with our vendors to ensure we provide our clients with the latest and most competitive product information and pricing
  • Partnership with Australia 's leading distributors to ensure we offer the most efficient procurement processes and timely delivery of product.


Through these partnerships Dancrai are able to deliver a fast and efficient procurement service to help manage the ever increasing purchasing demands within an organisation.

More Information

For more information about our Hardware and Software Sales Service or to discuss how we might be able to customise our services to suit your organisation please contact us:

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