Dancrai is committed to making a difference in the community thus has linked arms with StreetWork - a not for profit street based team addressing issues of young people in Sydney's North.


StreetWork seeks to rebuild lives of at-risk youths by providing a helping hand, positive role-modeling as well as counseling and ongoing friendships. StreetWork aim to provide early intervention to stop young people falling into negative behaviour patterns.

Why StreetWork ?

In looking for a charity or community based organisation to be involved with Dancrai wanted:

  • A local organisation so we could be more intimately involved and put back into the community that directly provides us with so much
  • An organisation small enough that our contribution would make a real difference to the work the organisation was able to do
  • But big enough to be recognised as making an impact in the community
  • An organisation with similar values, performing a work all our team could identify with.

How is Dancrai Involved ?

Dancrai provides time and expertise to StreetWork to assist with the management and administration of StreetWork, along with resources and financial support to help them achieve their goals.

More Information ?

For more information about StreetWork and the work they do please contact StreetWork:community

StreetWork Inc
(02) 9419 7559
PO Box 5601
Chatswood West NSW 2057

Or ask us, we would be happy to share our experiences supporting and being involved with StreetWork.