Casual Support

puzzleDancrai Casual Support arrangements allow a client who requires infrequent access to IT support to schedule and pay for support as-they-go. Support requests are raised via the Dancrai Helpdesk and scheduled for the next available support engineer.

       Technical assistance ...
                 when you require ...
                                                      paid for as-you-go...


The key features of a Dancrai Casual Support arrangement include:

  • Support requests raised via the Dancrai Helpdesk and scheduled as availability permits
  • Adhoc helpdesk service
  • Remote support as available (may be limited)
  • Pay-as-you-go. ie. time and materials based billing.

Often clients who are new to Dancrai trial our services via a casual support arrangement before committing to a more strategic or longer term support arrangement.

More Information

For more information about our support plans or to discuss how we might be able to structure our services to suit your organisation please contact us:

1300 30 82 30

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